Stop med at lyve … også over for dig selv

august 28, 2006

Vi ved alle, at det er en dum ting at lyve over for andre mennesker. Men som det fremgår af denne artikel, er det også dumt at lyve over for sig selv.

How Many Lies Have You Told Today?

No, not those kinds of lies; these kinds of lies:

“I’m too old.”
“I’m too young.”
“Love hurts.””
“I work better under pressure.”
“Successful people are bad parents.”
“I can’t lose weight.”
“I can’t save money.”

And the list goes on and on. These negative belief barriers
are lies. These lies are powerful motivators that will
actually cause you to repel success. You will just push it
away like a child refuses spinach. The problem isn’t just
your fear.

No, your fear represents a powerful, self-limiting belief.
Until you identify and replace these lies, no amount of
positive thinking will help you create and maintain success.

What makes these lies (negative beliefs) so powerful and
insidious is that most of the time you don’t even realize
you say them. You will think you want something, you’ll
write it down, you’ll back it up with positive thinking, but
something happens to keep you form the very thing you say
you want.

It is the negative beliefs you feed your mind that sabotage
your efforts of success. So, stop the insanity! Stop lying
to yourself. Be hypercritical about your self-talk.

Make every effort that what you say to yourself — about
yourself and your life — reflect an empowering belief.
These truths will motivate you to pick up the phone, set up
a meeting, ask for the sale, finish the project, eat
healthier, put on those workout clothes, and do the things
you need to do to get what you want!

Stop telling lies.

Have a great day!
Lisa Jimenez
Lisa Jimenez, M. Ed., has helped thousands of people shatter
their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough
success they want. You can visit her website at

Kilde: Let’s Talk Motivation!, Josh Hinds, Editor


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