At føle glæde …

februar 5, 2007

“Some call happiness a feeling of satisfaction, comfort, fulfillment and inner peace. Others refer to joy, excitement and communion. The sensation of happiness might be unique to each of us; however, we know when we’re there. We can note certain common characteristics. When we are happy with ourselves, we are accepting of ourselves (not judging ourselves). When we are happy with others, we are accepting of them (not judging others). Happiness brings us closer together rather than pushing us apart. But above all, happiness makes love tangible. To love someone fully and completely is to be happy with that person, to accept him without judgments and celebrate his existence. To love ourselves is to be happy with who and what we are, to accept ourselves without judgments and celebrate our own existence.”

Kilde: Happiness Is A Choice, 1991, forfattet af Barry Neil Kaufman.


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