Hvordan bliver du mere effektiv?

juni 23, 2007

På bloggen Productivity501 er der mange gode råd om, hvordan du kan blive mere effektiv på dit job eller i livet i almindelighed.

Mark Shea, der skriver bloggen, stillede for nylig spørgsmålet – What change has made the most difference in making you effective? – til en række forskellige mennesker.

Her følger nogle af de svar, han fik:

Mmmm…tough question. Ironically, I think having less time available for discretionary projects has made me more effective in the areas of my life that I choose to spend time in. So get married, have kids and take a job that keeps you busy all the time: it’ll make you more effective!
Brendon Connelly from Slacker Manager (rss)

This seems counterintuitive, but I guess it makes sense. Having more stuff to do should help force you to be more efficient.

The two-minute rule I learned from reading David Allen’s Getting Things Done. If a task takes less than two-minutes to do, don’t put it off, just do it.
Chanpory Rith from LifeClever (rss)

This is a pretty powerful tip based around the idea that switching contexts is often more expensive (timewise) than the actual task at hand.

Du kan læse flere svar på spørgsmålet her.

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