Thriving on change, chaos and uncertainty

juli 13, 2007

“If we are to survive, let alone thrive, in this world we are to find ways of living with the uncertainties that it brings, and crafting for ourselves new solutions to both old and new problems: how to relate to adolescents seeemingly from another planet, how to make a living, how to use our leisure time, and so on.

If we are to thrive in a rapidly changing world, it seems unlikely that a reliance on the approaches espoused by IQ [intellectual intelligence] tests will stand us in sufficient stead to do effectively. Neither will it necessarily work to focus on EQ [emotional intelligence]. It seems much more likely that something founded along the lines of Howard Gardner´s views [multiple intelligences] will help us more.”

— Bill Lucas, Mind your brain: why lifelong learning matters, i magasinet Training Journal, April 2005, s. 24


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