Ugens gode og velgørende idé

december 5, 2007

‘If someone says flattering things about your friends, don’t hesitate to let them know they have fans. Honk your horn only to prevent a car accident. Resist the temptation to lash out when you’re in a bad mood. Help a friend move. Offer to share your cab from the train station on a rainy evening. If you come across a funny childhood picture of you and your brother, send him a framed copy. Spend an afternoon with an elderly family member doing whatever makes her happiest. When someone is speaking, offer her 100% of your attention. Forgive loud teenagers. Introduce yourself to the grocery checkout cleark, and start calling him by name.’

— Oprah Winfrey

Er du interesseret i flere gode og velgørende ideer, så tilmeld dig HelpOthers.org´s ugentlige Smile Newsletter – klik her.


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