Tag del i den globale samtale …

februar 3, 2008

Her et tip fra Charity Focus om, hvordan du kan være med til at skabe kommunikation på tværs af grænserne …

A change is taking place in how we communicate. Just ten years ago we all learned about the world around us from newspapers, the television, and radio. Sometimes at dinner we talk about these stories with our friends and family. But ten years ago we rarely, if ever, communicated directly with the journalists themselves. Over the last few years everything has changed. Thanks to new tools like weblogs, it is now possible to easily publish to the Internet. From Turkey to Kenya to Bolivia, everyday people like you and me are starting to share their and opinions with the rest of the world. Still though, most of the people participating live in the wealthy neighborhoods of urban cities. This guide on Citizen Media shows how anyone with an internet connection can participate in the emerging global conversation. (PDF file, ~500KB)

Source: Charity Focus


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