Spørge-Jørgen virksomheden spørger “klogt”

januar 15, 2009

Det er ikke lige meget, hvilke spørgsmål, der bliver stillet i en virksomhed. Her er nogle af de spørgsmål, som det ifølge “positiv psykologi” betaler sig at fokusere på, hvis man vil styrke sin virksomhed:

  • How can we capitalize on strengths? Where are people’s natural talents and proclivities? Where can people get excited about their job AND be most productive?
  • How can we manage around weaknesses? Weaknesses are not ignored, rather they are understood and as best-selling author Marcus Buckingham says “neutralized.”
  • How can we align work with people’s passions? When people are allowed to do what they do best both the employee and the company win!
  • How do we share what’s working? We all talk about sharing “best practices”, but we rarely do it. In strength-based organizations success stories are broadly shared and there are structures, both informal and formal, to do so.
  • How do we recognize accomplishments? Both big and small. Giving rewards for results and outcomes is only natural, and tying strengths-based performance to the bottom line excites the team while building the company.
  • How do we encourage building positive relationships? What Professor Jane Dutton at the University of Michigan calls “high quality connections.” In strength-based organization HOW you do your work is as important as WHAT you do.
  • How can we encourage viewing the future optimistically? Numerous studies link optimism to higher productivity, more personal success, and even better health. Strength-based organizations are hopeful of their future and take actions to ensure that it is. Without an optimistic view there is no hope, no reason to stretch, and no belief that the organization can rally to achieve its vision.

Kilde: Changing the Questions at Work, By Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin, Positive Psychology News Daily, NY (Margaret Greenberg and Senia Maymin) – January 14, 2009


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  1. det er åh så sandt

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