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Valgfriheden længe leve

august 31, 2011

“We have no choice of what color we’re born or who our parents are or whether we’re rich or poor. What we do have is some choice over what we make of our lives once we’re here.”

— Mildred Taylor, forfatter


Sådan undgår du kritik

august 21, 2011

“To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”

— Elbert Hubbard


Det lille ekstra “nøk” i den rigtige retning betyder det hele …

august 17, 2011

“Maybe you can’t change the whole world, but if you have love in your heart you can make small differences every day, which really does change the world, one life at a time.”

— Kristina Koncz, Customer Experience Specialist


At tage ansvar …

august 15, 2011

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, And Nobody

“This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job.

Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn’t do it. It ended up that

Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.”


Hvad er god ledelse?

august 9, 2011

Her er et par citater om hvad en god leder “er” og/eller måske rettere sagt “gør”. Citaterne er lånt fra forfatteren og foredragsholderen Robin Sharmas nyhedsmail – check evt. dette link, vis du er interesseret i at følge en af verdens førende ledelses-eksperter:

“Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.”
– Vince Lombardi

“Leadership is not magnetic personality — that can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not ‘making friends and influencing people’ — that is flattery. Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.”
– Peter F. Drucker

“Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”
– Sam Walton

“Leadership is doing what is right when no one is watching.”
– George Van Valkenburg


Dagens tip

august 9, 2011

“Deal first with whatever is causing you the greatest emotional distress. Often this will break the logjam in your work and free you up mentally to complete other tasks.”

— Brian Tracy, forfatter og foredragsholder


Tillid og tolerance i trætoppen

august 8, 2011

Læs hvordan man skaber positive relationer mellem forskellige kulturer i denne spændende artikel: Finding peace among the trees

Super godt initiativ 🙂

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